Warning! under-estimate the importance of hardware at your peril!

London interior designer Alistair Cummings once very cleverly said “If you are on a budget, buy your cabinets from Ikea, but blow the rest on the best handles you can find.”

At Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading we believe we showcase some of the most notable and interesting collections you are likely to find anywhere in the world. Our range includes some of the best known names in door furniture such as Chant Productions and Brionne, but also small output designers of exceptional quality you won’t find anywhere else.

Quality handles make a project sing by bringing a unique and beautiful quality to an otherwise plain surface. Their importance in finishing a job should never be underestimated, and being overlooked will just as surely undervalue the project as no handles at all. Optimally good door furniture expresses your individual style, visually enhances the project on both a macro and micro level and provides smooth functionality that is a pleasure in the hand. At Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading, our experience and range of products enables you to find the perfect solution to any hardware needs.