Two years on at the PYD design centre

After 17 years trading out of the Rushcutters Bay shop, the opportunity to relocate to the PYD Building was too good to pass up. For Mother of Pearl and Sons the move has been an exciting opportunity to expand both their client base and range of products. Far from the cookie cutter design ethos, Mother of Pearl and Sons continues to delight with unique and sublimely crafted door furniture.

From first hearing about Geoff Clarks’ vision for a unique design centre for Sydney, we were interested. We had a future planned that fitted right in with the concept around the PYD Building; a centre that brought together established design firms. Over the past two years since joining the PYD Building, we have introduced several new ranges that have taken the choice for door furniture to international standard. Brands such as Fersa -Argentina, Samuel Heath – UK, and Windborne Studios – US, have joined our portfolio, as have the Mother of Pearl and Sons products we have continued to design and develop; we are not here for cut and paste architecture. What interests us is working with creative people in achieving results that express individuality.