Solutions for new directions in architecture

Increased demand for bi-fold, sliding and pivot doors in domestic and commercial architecture has inspired innovations in hardware systems. In association with Chant Productions, Mother of Pearl & Sons provide bespoke solutions to these architectural needs with the flexibility to express your individual style.

When the brief requires you open indoor spaces to the outdoors, bi-fold and sliding doors allow for greater flexibility. Track and hinge systems have kept pace with developments but until recently, the choices for locking, latching and handling options have been limited.

Through our association with Chant Productions Mother of Pearl & Sons have recently completed several projects that amounted to creating bespoke solutions to the satisfaction of the architects and clients.

High quality engineering is the hallmark of Chant productions. Made from high quality stock, function and style is guaranteed. This is the best product money can buy and is particularly suited to the harsh Australian environment. Inspect the range at Mother of Pearl & Sons and discuss your specific requirements. No other range we know of allows you the flexibility to express your individual style.