Reliability and great design from the Zodiac range

If your project calls for a good looking handle that will stand up to some harsh treatment, you might care to inspect the Zodiac range.

This range has been a great success for us and our professional clients. Designers who have used it once know that they won’t be let down by the quality. They look good and so do we.

Prices for sets start at $99.00. For the quality this is great value. The handles are forged in brass with the components being stainless steel, so they are perfect for beachside. We have products that complement the various designs which means we can plan any situation to be seemless in design detail and beautifully functional.

A recent addition to the range, the Sagittarius has become very popular. The straight line with choice of round or square roses perfect for design that is minimalist and modern.

The finishes are interesting. Plating is definitely superior with the brushed chrome (stainless steel look) particularly well done. The aged finish on raw, polished brass gives a sculptural effect that improves with use. We wouldn’t call this a particularly adventurous range as far as design is concerned and there are any number of look-alikes. The fact is, when the project is finished, with Zodiac, you have a sense of a superior result.