New additions to our ebony and silver range

Sounds exotic?
This range, created by Mother of Pearl & Sons has been one of our great successes. Dense and black, ebony: a king of woods. Combined with the deep lustre of silver in a timeless design, it looks the goods.

Kolkata Artisans have painstakingly selected the ebony for the characteristics we have specified, choosing only the deepest shade and tightest grain for a smooth dense finish. The cast-brass back-plates and collar are polished and silver plated. The combination is a simple range that makes a knockout statement.

Our addition to the range is a small version of our SK105E. A perfectly plain ebony knob on polished aluminum, this is a quirky take on the traditional door furniture perspective. So far the response to the samples from young professional designers has been excellent.

We now have stock in store. These lovely door accessories create a theme that is at once modern and classic: the classic being realised in materials that are timeless; the modern in their minimalist design.