Locks made to last

How well will off the shelf locks last in a harsh environment? This may not be the most exciting visual we have of a product, but if you live on the coast, this is great news!

The case is marine grade stainless steel. The components are stainless steel and brass.

This is the world of Chant productions. Engineered to last under the most trying of conditions. This is the stuff you don’t see. What you will see is the most beautifully finished design products that will satisfy the senses for a very long time.

Chant products are made in New Zealand and are becoming recognised internationally. We are pleased to be representing this high quality product. It just does not get better than this.

Styling throughout the Chant ranges tends to be suited to modern projects where the brief is for an exceptional result. No out of the box range could possibly compare with the results you should expect from a project finished with Chant products.

Mother of Pearl and sons have extensive knowledge of these products and can be useful in defining how products will work, how they will look and how they will answer for problematic situations. This is a great strength of our relationship with Chant, custom solutions for extraordinary situations.

The images shown are an overview of Chant Products. Note. There are comprehensive choices of sumptuous finishes!