Kitchens are the creative centres of our homes and should be delicious

What makes a kitchen delicious? Surely, the way it feels, the way it expresses your personality.

Spend a fortune on a fabulous kitchen and nothing on the hardware and what do you get? Ordinary!

Spend a little time on our website and indulge in a feast of opportunity to make your kitchen fabulous.

Brionne from France, compare the copies with the original Brionne, and see why the top kitchen companies don’t even bother to show options. Downgrade the hardware and you downgrade the final product. Brionne ‘pewter’ like knobs and handles will stay looking good for a very long time. Waxed rust finish incorporating porcelain from Brionne’s Limogues facility.

We have an extensive range we import from the US. Beautiful finishes, polished or satin nickle. Oiled bronze and unlacquered brass. Shaker and Hampton styles.

Then there”s Mood, horn with pewter, and our own unique ranges incorporating ebony, sea shells and horn with nickle.

Modern stainless steel from Barben and budget from Kethy all available through Mother of Pearl & Sons.