Fersa: “You would if you could” sort of door hardware

There was a time when all door furniture was hand crafted. Then along comes industrialisation, and hallelujah, you can get door handle sets for under $30.00 at Bunnings. Great! But is it really going to give you the sort of satisfaction you get with a Fersa handle?

Call us elitist if you must, but the point is, in our world, door furniture is a universe. Our passion has taken us on journeys to every corner of the world, searching for products that might raise the bar rather than maintain a benchmark dictated by dollars and cents. Mother of Pearl & Son’s latest find just pushed that bar a little higher!

Fersa call themselves ‘hardware jewellers’. Are they? Most emphatically yes! Every project they have produced for our clients to date has exceeded expectations and then some.

From Gothic to Italian Renaissance, and from Bauhaus to contemporary, Fersa have been devotedly manufacturing exquisite period hardware since 1941. Using traditional methods their work is defined by fine designs, exemplary finishes and sublime workmanship.

Our long awaited collection of Fersa samples is now being showcased in store. Be tempted.