Our story

‘World hardware’ is our mission statement, though this is only the starting point.

World brands

Our world of hardware is rich with diversity.  It is the detail that punctuates a design theme. Accentuate a minimalist approach with muted metal tones that blend.  Organic finishes that match organic materials – wood flooring, polished concrete, stone etc.

Decorative and glamorous door furniture that emphasise sumptuousness.  Bauhaus, Deco, Classic English and French  –  our showrooms showcase well-defined examples, rather than the misinterpretations that are ubiquitous in the wider market.

Wealth of experience

Our people are experts in their field. Your problems are our challenges. How to get a better result on your project. The chances are, we have a better answer to your challenge.

Design advice, product sourcing and delivery on schedule.  Products that will enhance your living experience and value-add to your investment. Our world is a minefield where cutting corners and ‘saving money’ can in fact be costly.

While we do enjoy large and lavish projects where the results speak for themselves, we are just as happy to trim a project to a budget, though not to a point that compromises an elegant result.


Arrange a consultation with our people. We listen! Bring your plans and match product to your vision. Discuss your concerns, budget and ideas. We’ll take the concerns out of the equation. We’ll liaise with your builders and carpenters so that ultimately you make the final decisions.