The Rateau connection

Armand Albert Rateau

I first came across this designer through Fersa. When I saw their range in the Buenos Aires showroom, I loved it. Even though I loved it, I wasn’t brave enough to order samples for the shop, though I eventually did and they’re there to be seen. We are currently processing and order for a local high profile architects’ own home.

image 7

Never heard of Rateau? Ok, neither had I, so when I found out that a chair of his, an original, sold for US$970.000 achieving the highest price recorded for a 20th century chair, I felt a little ignorant. Worse still, Christies New York achieved a price of $13.750 for, wait for it, a pair of lever handles, the likes of which, Fersa produce an exceptional quality reproduction that I can sell for around $900.00, including GST!

Header image is detail of hinge.

Here are some links I have enjoyed.


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