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Anti-Microbial Copper:

image 5See our links for the evidence. We’re committed, and we are members of the association.

The future for copper in the war on diseases from cross infection looks positive.Touch surfaces made from copper could be installed in hospitals, through public amenities that include children’s play areas and airports.

In the home, copper handles are a silent sentinel for people at risk from cross infection and that is good news.

For us this is only part of the story, because copper is truly a most beautiful medium for hardware.

We have been creating ranges for joinery, front doors and passage doors in copper, with several products under development. We have links and can supply ranges by manufacturers in France, the UK, USA and Italy. We are able to develop custom products through our network of bespoke manufacturers.

If there is any aspect of how you or your clients would like to utilise copper, we would be pleased to hear from you as there is nothing we enjoy more than creating beautiful spaces with one of the most amazing raw materials you could hope for in hardware.

Anti-Microbial Copper Association Website

Copper surfaces take out super-bugs


COPPER ASSOCIATION LOGO XThe Anti-Microbial Copper Association Website provides information and an insight into the potential for the use of Copper surfaces and fittings into applications where the spread of bacteria is relevant and of concern.

Here are some articles and links which we found insightful to say the least:

Video presentation on Antimicrobial Copper and the medical industry a>

Sandringham Hospital has become the first in Australia to install antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to augment existing infection control procedures.

Japan is deploying antimicrobial copper in the fight against resistant bacteria in its hospitals.

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), which regulates public health claims for antimicrobial products, has granted permission for the sale of antimicrobial copper products within their country.

Chant Architectural Hardware:

The Chant range of architectural hardware is unrivalled in quality and styling on a contemporary level.

Everything is pretty much made to order and available for supply within a time frame of around 4 weeks, sometimes quicker, but never much longer, that is unless of course New-Zealand was to run out of brass stock.

Due to their high-tech methods of CNC manufacturing, machining, and laser cutting, every item can be customized or modified to suit particular applications, technical requirements and even styling.

These guys are engineers, and also designers at heart, they truly understand the merit in finding the best solution.
At any level of architectural hardware, there is a certain value in getting things right, get it wrong and it will cost you and could let the whole project down.

Graham Chant and his team will follow you through your entire project, from start to finish. That’s right, even with that one odd door which your architect designed for which nothing on the market will do the job suitably. Combined with the expertise of Mother of Pearl staff, you have yourself an architectural hardware dreamteam.

The Chant range is ever-expanding and provides us with the ability for an endless amount of options, all at our fingertips, and within a more than reasonable time-frame.

Please feel free to email or call us to discuss your specific requirements, we act as your liaison.

Their website www.chanthardware.com doesn’t quite do this manufacturer justice in terms of what they can do and what can be done, which is pretty much anything. Their website has a full resource center with PDF specs for standard products and a full range of installation instructions.