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Untitled-16 copyXThe starting point is copper – see antimicrobial copper. Starting at the beginning, there is copper, the element. Copper mixed with zinc = brass, copper mixed with tin = bronze. The alloys.

We understand that copper is alive or active. Conducts electricity, purifies water etc. it also recognises attack and responds very quickly! The patination that occurs naturally with copper and copper based alloys in the atmosphere can also be produced quickly, with different formulations of chemicals to achieve distinctive tonal values.

We call this our ageing service. We can take any copper or copper alloy and create a patina or aged finish. No matter how bad your old brass front door pull looks, we can restore it to better than new.

Brass is the favoured medium for hardware. The hardness is perfect for durability and engineering. It can’t rust and it is the best medium for electroplating. Chrome and brushed chrome will look like stainless steel but unlike stainless steel,won’t rust.

Nickel, a silver like finish with a warm hue. Today’s favourite finish. We can achieve electroplated bronze and aged brass finishes which are durable, unlike the chemical aged patinas that would be expected to realise the natural feel of aged brass.

Black polished and satin electroplated hardware is totally durable and can give a stunning result. Gold and silver plating, and these finishes, can be aged to give an antique silver or antique gold result.

Whatever your idea is, we can have continuity for all the hardware in whichever finish you wish.