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Zodiac series architectural hardware.


Lever handles forged from solid brass in four different finishes:
• Satin chrome
• Polished chrome
• Titanium PVD – will not tarnish!
• Aged brass (for Libre, Aquarius and Sagittarius only)

Featuring all stainless steel components
• Spring
• Indexing plate
• Circlip and fasteners
• Grub screws
Through bolt fixing and spindle grub-screwed for rigid handling and security.

Zodiac handles feature a damping action. This means smooth lever return. After operation the lever returns to normal (passive) position with a steady slow motion. The sensational damping action is very practical. It not only gives a silent action, but is longer lasting by being non-jarring. This range is engineered to withstand harsh exterior conditions. A full range of security options are available to suit.

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