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The staff and I discuss the movements that have inspired the design behind the various ranges, if they’re interesting enough to warrant discussion, and I’m leading a charge on the idea that the Bauhaus movement stands tall.

It has something to do with my having seen the Walter Gropius design handle on a shop in France in naturally ageing raw brass and having the idea to transform it into a Arts and crafts style by our people in Kolkata in copper. Our copper product has proven popular and we have sold several house lots. Given our people can only produce 10 sets a month, the output is nicely matching demand, but I digress, the issue is the thread.

Evolving ideas. We have to make a living and our ultimate ideal is to be able to sell only those products that meet an idealistic standard that involves representing products that have real integrity. Reality is that the products we like do tend to come at a price, and as I said, we have to make a living.

smaller-copper-lever-x1Take the Gropius handle. We have a sample of a Fersa version that has all the elements that are true to the spirit of the Bauhaus movement.

A beautifully hand crafted piece of door furniture. The design is also made by numerous bulk hardware manufacturers usually lumped in with the rest of what they called modern ranges. The design lends to bulk production possibilities, but for me, the spirit of the iconic design is not something I enjoy compromising.

My version has the elements of the Gropius design, that’s obvious.

What is also obvious is, people make our handle, it is hand crafted.

It is in the spirit of a tradition


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