Mother Of Pearl & Sons will soon be launching a small collection, the inspiration for which took me to the French city of Arles. A pleasant 3 hour drive from Cannes & an hour from Aix En Provence,


Arles is where the Rhone enters the Mediterranean Sea and was from the 2nd century a major Roman city. Complete with an ampitheatre and other classical ruins that make an enthusiastic history buff like myself, very happy.



One of Arles most famous former residents, Vincent Van Gogh produced over 300 paintings & drawings whilst living in Arles.vangogh-yellow-house-at-arles-1888.jpg

Many art historians & curators consider the work’s Van Gogh made in Arles to be amongst his best. The Van Gogh Institute in Arles boasts NOT actually owning a work, however paintings from collections around the world are frequently shown on loan.


The old city is largely constructed with material from Roman buildings. Although the ancient ruins are largely restorations, they’re still functioning public spaces. The ampitheatre is still used for bullfights & concerts.

The archaeological museum is excellent with a collection that brings alive the workings of the Roman city. There are endless joys for the culture buff, not to mention eating and drinking.


Carl dodging a pot plant, late night in Arles. Ah France! You know you’re alive there.

A gallery not to be missed!

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