It was a very different looking site today. With the final rough wiring & plumbing in place,  Gyprock is beginning to go up. Here you can see the beautiful transition from rustic bagged brick to smooth plasterwork. You can gain this attic space in any terraced house with a gabled roof, enabling you to create an extra room whilst preserving the contextual architecture of the streetscape.


Normyle is one of only a few designers left who work from a drawing board. Practicing from his office in William St Paddington above the two shops where he used to run his antique business, Normyle is a passionate heritage conservationist. This enormous french papiér machè gendarmês head was a gift from former Sydney antique dealer Appley Hoare. Normyle speaks of the importance of conserving our man made environment, antique model boats, design & quarrying in 19th c Paddington, always giving you the impression that he does this work because he loves it. The photo of the 1949 MG TC above the drawing board is Normyle’s preferred mode of transport & an impulse buy at an auction where he only went to look at a painting for a client ( & that would be another whole story! )


The main bedroom, shows how the old section of the house will be kept absolutely original. The 1920’s leadlight windows were fitted in at some stage of the buildings life, they are being refitted into the second bedroom as internal windows, though they are not a period detail they speak of the story of the building. Floorboards will be kept as they are & patched with reclaimed material. The original skirting boards will be refitted & the walls skimmed with a coat of fresh plaster.


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