What was a really quite a small Paddington terrace has gained an enormous amount of space with this renovation. The bedroom above the kitchen has gone from box-like dimensions to enormous. The new kitchen/living area leading out to the garden will be filled with light, two steps down into a tranquil oasis a large melaleuca provides shade and a feeling of being far away from the city. The steel frame of the extension will be seen as an architectural element of the building. Steel framed bi-fold doors are being used as Normyle does not want to obstruct the view from within using clunkier wooden frames which would be necessary with the enormous amount of glass. These huge convict cut sandstone blocks which were the foundations of the old kitchen will be used to create garden beds, the whole becoming an indoor/outdoor room, a place for family and friends to live and socialise rather than being squeezed into a Victorian Era box.


Making the attic a bedroom Normyle has freed up the middle room to be used as a study and retreat for the adults, a staircase to be built up into the attic. The brick walls will be bagged and the ceiling insulated then gyprocked. The two skylights which have a view of Sydney Harbour look out over treetops adding to the tranquility of the house. Storage space will be created by creating low walls where the ceiling meets the floor.


With first fix wiring now being installed and the major job of excavation, footings and the steel frame finished, our next visit should see some major progression in the house.


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