On the last site visit, footings were just being marked out. As you can see a lot of brickwork has been removed. The rear upstairs bedroom now being held up with acro props. The reason for this is that rather than just adding an extension, the steel frame for the new structure has to go right back into the existing house in order to tie it all together properly. Steel joists for the new structure will come out of the existing kitchen to rest on the brick footing in the foreground.The steel framed structure will sit upon the joists & tie back into the building. The builders are working to tolerances of 2mm, taking into consideration that it is a 19th c terrace house & has settled makes it a very complex job. The reason for this level of accuracy is that there will be sliding doors leading out to the garden & large sliding cabinets in the kitchen, so any mistake at this stage would create a multitude of problems further along the build. This pile of Sydney sandstock bricks will be cleaned & incorporated back into the house, It’s this sense of keeping the age that is a trademark of John Normyle Design.


Later this week the steel frame arrives & we will be there to photograph it once in place. Although the house resembles something out of “The Blitz” at the moment, Normyle is very confident he will have his clients happily ensconced in their new home by Christmas. The reason being that he uses a great team of builders who specialise in doing this particular type of terrace house conversion. After speaking with John today I can honestly say I would never attempt something like this as an owner builder! it is fraught with challenges. Paddington was a steep & rocky ridge riddled with gully’s when these houses were built, quite unlike London where they were designed! which sits upon a bed of flat clay.




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