Well, we may as well turn this into a travel series! So, from Arles, my mate Davo and I travel up the road, taking off the super (super expensive) highway roads that take us through villages and sights that leave us spellbound. Our destination is St Maure de Touraine in the Touraine district and Loire Valley. Here we are booked into ‘La Poste – Les Hauts de Sainte Maure’.

Brionne, who we have represented for over 20 years are 8k’s up the road and we are here to meet with them. On the way a sign tells us that the town of Descartes is 6kms that way, and yes, this is where Renee Descartes was born.


‘I think therefore I am’, and particular to my interests, formulated theories that led to the grid we know as latitude and longitude. A nice place to visit, have lunch and pay homage to one of the great men of thought and science.


The Loire district is the land of chateaus’, vineyards, troglodytes and history and to think that Brionne hardware is made right in the heart of all this and yes! you’ll see Brionne handles all over the place, well actually all over France.


The local wines are famous and good food a matter of principal.

The city of Tours, which is the centre of the region has Roman roots and a medieval town. Well worth exploring. Getting around the country side from off the highway is horrible. GPS, a must. They seem to take one on strange beautiful mystery tours once you escape from the (expensive) highways.


Roman, who is a Mother of Pearl & Sons main man, suggested a visit to Carnac when I said I wanted a new place to discover in Brittany. The claim to fame being stones.

I found a hotel that I liked the look of.  And there it was, right in front of a Tumulus! Fabulous.


Ok, so we’ve done the Romans, now we step back a bit in time, a tumulus in this case goes back to anywhere from 5000 to 2500 years BC. Or, the new stone age and the tumulus is a burial mound of the time.

We turned our back on the holiday town in favour of the archaeological sites, that’s just how I am and yes well worth the Carnac stones. 

Well from Carnac we could go straight on to Paris, then again we could take a leisurely drive to Chartres with the final 90 kms to Paris from there. chartres cathedral history.jpg

So we went to Chatres and here of course we think, cathedral, which is all very nice, but the town is lively and a bonus being the light show being projected into the buildings which were quite extraordinary. A bottle of wine in the town square with dinner and a wander around a very elegant town centre, I liked Chartres.

We arrived very relaxed to handle the Parisian traffic after again taking the back roads sharing with cyclists through wonderful sights.

Reneé Descartés walks into a bar and orders many drinks. After some time the barman says “I think you have had enough” Descartés says “I think not” and disappears.


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